Léargas Managed SOC Appliance

Critical Path Security is pleased to announce that we have started shipping our enterprise grade Léargas Managed SOC appliances! The hardware has been designed to stand up to the rigor and demand of large scale networks with the base appliance capable of ingesting and processing 10 gbps throughput! 


We are also pleased to announce the release of Léargas RTL! This release comes hot on the coattails of Road Apples and extends many of it features including;

  • Extensive upgrades to our TOR ingest for continuous dark web monitoring and advanced breach notifications.
  • Natural Language Processing has been added to our Twitter ingest providing sentiment analysis that is used to identify comments from potential threat actors.
  • Even more enrichment, correlating all dns flows & predict queries to highlight requests to potential malware sites.
  • Eight new alerts have been added to our library keep our analysts abreast of important situations as they unfold. 
  • Six new behavioral detections identify potential threats on the network and bring them front and center to ensure prompt remediation.   

Today marks a milestone for us at Critical Path Security and we would like to take a moment to thank several businesses that have helped us achieve our goals and let them know we look forward to working together and our continued mutual success!

WatchGuard Technologies has been a great partner providing access to their amazing team and incredible hardware enabling Critical Path Security to enhance our managed security offering and to venture into some more ambitious projects that we look forward to announcing together in the near future!

Milner Technologies provides Managed IT Services and has been a valued partner in the Metro Atlanta area partnering on several engagements and providing quick response and great feedback to our MSOC analysts, enhancing our ability to ensure our clients security.

Chandler Graphics has been very helpful with our branding efforts providing rapid product prototyping and partnering to deliver a polished finished product!

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