With ever-expanding access to high-speed internet connections and cheap equipment, the ranks of global cybercriminals are rapidly growing and sophisticated hacks have increased in frequency with devastating impacts.  In today’s business environment companies of all sizes must deploy the digital forensic analysis capabilities on par with the ’enemy’ confronting them.

Critical Path Security’s qualified digital forensic analysts inspect network connected hardware and data packets for anomalies and highly experienced forensics are employed to detect fraudulent ’behavioral’ patterns providing a way to identify and retrace the steps of the most advanced cybercriminals giving you a clear image of the breach and how to mitigate future risks of repeat occurrences.


  • Computer forensic investigations
  • Crisis management and data breach response
  • Cyber inquiries and consulting
  • Social media analysis
  • Online evidence capture
  • Compliance and best practices guidance
  • eDiscovery support services

Why Forensic Analysis?

Maintain heightened security: Intelligently manage potential security risks and vulnerabilities

Contain costs: Avoid the excessive costs associated with network downtime

Manage compliance: Avoid penalties and fines associated with regulatory compliance

Uphold positive brand image: Trust is important for employees, suppliers, and customers

Retain customer loyalty: Avoid the potential loss of customer confidence and loyalty