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Democratizing Information Security

Critical Path Security’s Cybersecurity team is dedicated to helping midsize companies increase their awareness around information security issues affecting their business and enhancing their security posture to secure and protect sensitive assets.  Combining the world’s most recognized security experts with supporting technologies, Critical Path Security provides scalable, responsive solutions that address current information security challenges while being prepared to tackle future growth and industry volatility.

Intelligent Security Solutions

Our methodologies are the result of time-tested security expertise and provide a framework for complete security program management. Our services address technical, procedural, and operational issues that lead to system breaches. We constantly stay abreast of the latest exploits, vulnerabilities and advisories to integrate the most current techniques into our engagements. When applicable, Critical Path Security provides industry accepted best practices as described by NIST, COBIT, and ISO 17799, as well as the latest in technical knowledge and regulatory issues.

Hacks that target business
Funds not recovered from cyber attacks
Americans victimized by cyber crime
Hacks caused by out of date software

Our Services

Virtual CISO

Cyber-security roles are facing an unprecedented skills shortage, with hundreds of thousands of roles going unfilled...

Bridge the Gap

On-demand access to seasoned experts, who develop, implement, and manage your information security strategy.
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Compliance Audits

Knowing your weakness is as important as knowing your strength. The smallest vulnerability can compromise an entire network.

Improve Your Security Posture

Proactive strategies to protect vital data, systems and infrastructure, ensuring a rapid response to a perceived threat.
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Vulnerability Assessments

Illustrate the most likely risks your business faces by evaluating currently deployed security technologies.

Don't Guess, Know.

Identify risks as well as improve overall practices to enhance your company’s security program.
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Penetration Testing

Even sophisticated security strategies can be ineffective if people, processes, and technology aren’t tested regularly.

Reduce Liability

Attempting to breach your security infrastructure can expose critical vulnerabilities.
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Managed Security

With 4,000 attacks occurring daily, information security is now critical to the success of every business.

Specialized Expertise

We combine expert knowledge and decades of experience with innovative technology.
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Incident Response

Limit damage and prevent any further damage from happening.

Contain Cost

Our Incident Response service follows the process recommended by the SANS Institute.
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Forensic Analysis

Detect fraudulent behavioral patterns to identify and retrace the steps of the most advanced cyber criminals.

Proven Methodology

Get a clear image of a breach to mitigate future risks of repeat occurrences.
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