Security is something we all take very seriously. As cybersecurity professionals to yacht owners, we invest heavily in protecting their assets whether while docked or at sea.

We must consider a new wave of crime that is impacting the maritime world like never before. The big business of Cybercrime upon high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and their portfolios have made them and their luxury yachts, prime targets. As such, they must draw their attention to securing not only their physical wellbeing, but their ship's network environments and infrastructure, as well. It is one thing to plan for physical security for themselves, their passengers, and crew, but now the ship and all on board can be compromised by cybercriminals who can take command of their yachts remotely and hold the vessel and its passengers hostage, perhaps to make ransom demands, or worse.

Examples of these attempted attacks are rising as we now see cybercriminal activity on the high seas around the world. In 2008, less than six thousand vessels globally had equipment that helped them maintain constant internet access, now the number is more than 30,000. Cyber pirates hack into the access points onboard which are literally tied to every function of the ship. Just as automation has become mainstream in our homes, electronic control packages are our convenient link to the full realm of operation systems. From engine and steering systems, to marine electronics and bridge navigation systems, to our computer and internet entertainment, and onboard HVAC control centers. Everything is tied to the network which means if the systems are not secure, then a criminal has access to control of the ship.

In addition to compromising the controls, consider any sensitive and personal data that may be stored in the ship's computer systems. Luxury yachts are home to high level individuals who perform high level business transactions and store this information within the available databases on board. If the ship can be overtaken, imagine the powerless position when personal or financial information is held ransom as well.

Critical Path Security provides the expertise to secure these environments, including the discretion and confidentiality high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals require as part of their personal security and protection. For now, take basic level security precautions including providing instructions for your passengers who access the onboard internet through open wifi connections. Instruct them not to open any unfamiliar emails from unknown senders, use multi-factor authentication, and maintain password management or password vault applications on all personal devices.

These precautions are a good start, but only get you part of the way there. Critical Path Security performs internal and external comprehensive security assessments to ensure a secure network environment with remediation recommendations. The security assessment is performed on all components that live within the network including engine and steering, navigation, HVAC, wifi access points, and more. In addition, through the Léargas Platform and Illuminate, the Threat Intelligence Network, Critical Path Security correlates events of threat actors on a global scale and provides contextual threat intelligence with indicators including email addresses, file hashes, IP addresses, domain names, and phishing URLs that are tied to all network traffic, real time. This approach is like having a full time virtual Chief Information Security Officer onboard, 24/7, and at a fraction of the cost!

So what are you waiting for, the investment is worth it considering the threats and the risks we face these days, call Critical Path Security, today.