With an average of 4,000 attacks occurring daily, information security is now as critical to the success of businesses as the quality of their products and services. Failing to recognize and implement safeguards to address these mounting demands can result in decreased customer confidence, tarnished brand image, and increased exposure to non-compliance penalties and potential litigation.

Critical Path Security’s Managed Security Service combines expert knowledge and decades of experience with innovative technology to strengthen your company’s security posture.  Our proactive solution helps prevent theft of confidential data by identifying and remediating hard to find resource vulnerabilities.  Detailed reporting provides customers with a prioritized view of items to be addressed, along with remediation steps.  Lastly, access to our proprietary online system, based on the Léargas Security Platform, ensures real-time data is at your fingertips.

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“It has been a pleasure working with Patrick Kelley, and I am still amazed at the excitement and ability of understanding you have with Splunk. You are by far one of the most knowledgeable customers I have had the pleasure to work with. ”

J.H. / Splunk


  • Network event logging to analyze your security posture by capturing events, activity and other information from your network and attached devices
  • Packet capture and analysis to understand vulnerabilities and attacks that may impact your IT security
  • Security intelligence from a variety of sources, to correlate activity, and initiate alerts on triggering events for escalation, ensuring compliance with data retention and reporting requirements
  • Anomaly detection and analytics to identify abnormal activity on your network
  • Intelligence feeds capture real-time information of network events to protect against emerging threats
  • Monthly reporting of analyzed events, detected activities, investigations, and notifications
  • First level incident response
  • Provide recommendations for further investigation and remediation actions
  • Weekly operational reporting and annual trending reports
  • Dashboard customization to highlight risks based on customer asset information

Why Managed Security Services?

  • Maintain heightened security: Intelligently manage potential security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Reduce dwell time: Shorten dwell time of attacks on your network
  • Uphold brand image and customer confidence: Trust through action, for employees, suppliers, and customers. Avoid erosion of customer confidence and loyalty
  • Intuitive user experience: Aggregate and correlate atomic incidents of compromise into a user experience that’s more intuitive than competing solutions.
  • Increased efficiency: Our supporting technology crunches large log data in an automated fashion and resolves security events to avoid damage.
  • Contain costs: control costs, from prevention, penalties/fines, and via a well-constructed, more economically feasible platform
  • Specialized expertise: our team members are specialists in a multitude of platforms. We can help you attain the visibility and response time required to prevent intrusions and mitigate the effects of security events.

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