Léargas Security adds new COVID-19 and Work From Home security support!

Léargas Security has launched its most recent upgrade of Collector, a built-in feature of its Léargas SIEM platform, designed to bring comprehensive visibility into leaked data due to the increase of businesses operating in the work from home (WFH) era. Léargas Collector employs a vast array of scrapers, bots, and crawlers. Collector currently monitors over 22,000 TOR sites, social media, IRC, forums, and paste sites and continually extracts data for further investigation. Once an artifact is initially processed, NLP deep learning algorithms work to classify text and sentiment. All of that data is correlated and delivered to the platform. An important note is the platform now records and stores portions of the artifacts collected, both on the public web and dark web that Léargas believes are relevant to our clients as well as our mission to stop violent threat actors and prevent COVID-19 crime. Due to the shortened average lifespan…

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How to be secure when working remotely!

Many working parents are facing a new world now, telecommuting, as well as juggling becoming home school teachers. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have the option to continue to work from home, you now have doubled your workload. Your employer should have taken precautions to secure your work equipment, such as utilizing a VPN to access the servers at the office. There are things that you should do yourself to assure the security of your equipment in your new work environment and aide in the security of your company. We would like to share a few of the most common things you can do at home to aide your employer with keeping the company’s sensitive information and that of your customers secure. Download our Guide for Secure Teleworking! Working_Remote_Handout

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Léargas has always been about providing “Insight”. Now, it fights for the world!

Léargas has always been about providing “Insight”. Now, it fights for the world! Global events such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) make all of us targets for cybercriminals. It could be in the form of phishing emails or new targeted scams, these tactics are meant to take advantage of individuals who are understandably concerned about their health and safety of their family during this challenging time. Additionally, it targets companies that have effectively turned their infrastructure “inside-out” to provide all of the necessary services and data for their now remote-workers to perform at their best. That means weakened firewall rules, mission-critical servers connected to the Internet, and no multi-factor authentication. This pandemic is challenging for all of us. We all need to adapt to this new reality and look out for one another any way we can. Our mission with Léargas has always been to protect people against threats at the…

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Hanau, Germany – We can do better.

On February 19th, an extremist, Tobias Rathjen, shot and killed at least nine people in Hanau, Germany before taking his own life. Fueled by racism, hatred, and paranoia, extremists pose a significant risk to citizens of all nations. Unfortunately, this event is one of many in a series of active shooter incidents whose frequency is becoming increasingly regular. That is why Léargas constantly ingests forums, chat rooms, pastebins, and social media sites on the clear and dark web in an attempt to provide advanced warning to those in immediate danger. In most cases, the troubled individual will post numerous online comments, essays, or videos prior to carrying out the attack. Most of these indicators can be found in the online forums frequented by those with extremist beliefs. Léargas has captured indicators surrounding five active shooter situations over the past year, including the Christchurch, New Zealand incident. Leargas began alerting on…