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This past year, we have all run into far too many work from home challenges. Hear from Critical Path Security Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Kelley, CISSP, ITIL, CEH Kelley present around, "Remote Work and Cybersecurity Challenges" at this year's LEW Conference! This is a session you will not want to miss! Register below:


Colonial Pipeline – What You Should Know

Unfortunately, the Colonial Pipeline attack is part of a growing escalation of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure around the world. An escalation that has grown out of control which criminal organizations creating affiliate networks, such as the group that conducted the attack on the pipeline. These types of attacks have been going on for quite some time, but most never hit the headlines due to the impact on national security. This is a significant escalation both in target and response, as Colonial opted to shut the pipeline down until they feel they have a good handle on the situation. It's a little-known fact that the equipment in most of this particular industry is made to live for 30 or more years. Additionally, they weren't built with defenses for hostile environments, like the attacks we are seeing from the Internet. Furthermore, updates are nearly impossible for computational reasons and approval required…


533M Facebook Accounts Leaked Online

Recently, an estimated 32 million Facebook account details were posted online. These accounts were spread across their entire global user base. Additionally, more than 533 million Facebook users had their personal and private information posted to a public forum, a move that has created an uptick in cybercrime leveraging leaked credentials. The publicly released Facebook user data is believed to be part of a 2019 "Add Friend" Facebook security bug. The flaw, exploited by cybercriminals, allowed those individuals to collect hundreds of millions of member account details from Facebook and sell them to the highest bidder on illicit online markets. Critical Path Security (CPS) has obtained a full manifest of the data dump. CPS is offering a review of the data for anyone interested and will share any of the published data. If you would like to know more, don't hesitate to reach out. Ready to find out more? Reach…

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