What is a vCISO and do I need one?

Driven by a growing number of sophisticated threats and an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, demand for CISO talent remains at a premium.  Unfortunately, smaller and mid-market organizations lack the proper resources to acquire top candidates due to expected salary requirements.   To help address the hiring challenge facing these organizations, Critical Path Security's vCISO offerings are a viable option that can provide benefits beyond a traditional CISO leadership role, at the price that smaller and mid-market organizations afford.  So, what exactly is a vCISO?  A vCISO (or Fractional CISO) provides a level of experience consistent with that of a traditional CISO but affords organizations more flexibility based on the regulatory requirements, business goals, and the available financial resources.   Critical Path Security's vCISO services provide proven cybersecurity professionals with decades of leadership experience, as a service on retainer or a part-time basis, providing insight and guidance without the cost of hiring an…

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Spotlight – The Children’s Haven

The question that I have been asked the most lately is, "Why?" Why are you so enthusiastic about "The Children's Haven"? Why would you sponsor a driver in a major NASCAR series to give the media exposure away? The answer is simple, because we have professions, and we have passions. They aren't always the same thing. Cybersecurity is my profession. It's one that has provided the ability to support my passion for advocating for those that don't have one and a voice that isn't heard. I wanted to be an example of someone that was at their absolute worst moment in life, fighting suicide, PTSD, and crushing mental illness, to a life that has exceeded my wildest imagination. That life has been made possible because of the people that refused to give up on me, even when my fight had left. Though I've used my voice for over 20 years…


Sponsorship News!

We’re not done! We’ll be announcing some long term sponsorship events, soon. Thank you, Ryan Vargas for representing Critical Path Security and Léargas Security! You’re an incredible ambassador. A special thank you to @DGodfatherMoody for the interview on SIRIUSXM leading to this!


Founder, Patrick Kelley, Cybersecurity presentation

Georgia’s Rural Telephone and Broadband Association, comprised of 22 independent telephone companies in the State of Georgia, is the largest not-for-profit corporation with purposes and objectives to promote and support the wellbeing of its members, to foster and enhance public awareness of its members, and to advocate the provision of quality telecommunications services throughout the State. So, it is no surprise that Cybersecurity is at the forefront of their minds. Our founder, Patrick Kelley, spoke on the topic of, "Developing Comprehensive Cybersecurity Programs That Last". This presentation covered Business Alignment, Specialized Awareness & Training, Compliance & Audit Requirements​, and Program & Change Management, along with alignment to Jocko Wilnick's methodology of "Extreme Ownership". #cybersecurity #business #telecommunications