The lure of lower costs and higher earnings has encouraged organizations to adopt new technologies at a rapid pace, often without truly accounting for the risks.  While such investments can improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and provide access to new markets; they can also create a host of vulnerabilities which can be weaponized and used against a business with devastating effect.  The importance of identifying potential threats to your assets can no longer take a back seat.  Without a proactive security posture, including recurring vulnerability assessments by an independent source, businesses make themselves targets, as intrusions are largely a result of ignored vulnerabilities.

Critical Path Security’s vulnerability assessments provide your company with an illustration of the most likely risks your business faces by evaluating currently deployed security technologies, network topology, application implementations, and operational procedures to identify risks as well as improve overall practices to enhance your company’s security program.  We deliver a comprehensive “snapshot” of your current security posture and a roadmap to industry accepted best practices and compliance throughout the organization.   This information coupled with cost-effective risk management provides your business a plan to mitigate risk to your critical resources.


  • Network Discovery
  • Network Port and Service Identifications
  • Vulnerability Review and Scanning
  • Web Application Scanning
  • Wireless Review and Scanning

Why Vulnerability Assessments?

  • Stay ahead of attackers: Identify known security exposures before potential attackers do
  • Improve your security measures: Maintain a set of effective measures to detect, prevent, respond to or mitigate potential attacks and work every day toward achieving and maintaining the best possible state of security for your organization’s vision of success
  • Keep your footprint current: Discovery of all network devices and applications on-premise or in the cloud
  • Contain costs and productivity: Mitigate the risk of excessive costs and lost productivity associated with attacks
  • Level the playing field: Helps smaller companies, whose limited resources make them prime attack targets, reduce and manage their threat landscape
  • Shorten remediation: Trust is important for employees, suppliers, and customers, decreasing the time of exposure to potential threats is imperative.
  • Increased visibility: Intuitive dashboards and automated reporting