Critical Path Security Provides Threat Intelligence Feeds for Credible Ransomware Threat Against U.S. Hospitals

Through a coordinated effort between Critical Path Security, Microsoft, and the COVID-19 CTI League, we have released a full threat intelligence feed containing Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) used to lock down dozens of hospitals with Ryuk ransomware. The healthcare facilities can use these IOCs to alert of an attack which will provide an opportunity to defend themselves. Brian Krebs reports, On Monday, Oct. 26, KrebsOnSecurity began following up on a tip from a reliable source that an aggressive Russian cybercriminal gang known for deploying ransomware was preparing to disrupt information technology systems at hundreds of hospitals, clinics and medical care facilities across the United States. Today, officials from the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security hastily assembled a conference call with healthcare industry executives warning about an “imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers.” Read More These feeds will be continually updated and available for free. If you need…


You’ve been hacked… Now what? – The “Don’t Try This At Home” Response Guide.

Photo courtesy of CSO Online When your organization is experiencing a cyberattack or breach, protecting privileged information and intellectual property is crucial.  As Incident Responders, we can state clearly that in the aftermath of a data breach, events can move very quickly. You'll be asked a litany of questions such as, "how.., who.., why.., etc..". It's best to be prepared. However, appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that confidential and strategic plans are secured and held with great discretion.  As we too often see, shortcuts taken for the sake of getting back to "normal" can lead to greater problems later, particularly in the event of litigation.  Here are our top tips for protecting sensitive data in the context of a data breach: Don't keep your incident response plan on the servers! If the servers are infected with ransomware, it might be impossible to access the plan. Print the plan…


Critical Path Security includes MalwareBazaar in Zeek Automated Feeds

Critical Path Security has a strong belief in community involvement to solve global challenges. In that light, Critical Path Security is now including all major Abuse|ch data into our Zeek-formatted Threat Feeds. With the inclusion of Malware Bazaar, every Zeek or Léargas Security Platform user can have up to the minute threat intelligence covering the major malware delivery points! We are thrilled to integrate Abuse|ch data and their incredible infrastructure that: consists of around 50 servers and 200 sandboxes generates over 130TB network traffic per month answers around 2,000,000 API requests per day handles almost 300,000,000 HTTP requests per month generates 80GB of data - every day Additionally, Critical Path Security is looking at additional ways to support Abuse|ch and the rest of the intelligence community and we are excited to share those announcements as they come along. It has long been our goal to provide an unparalleled degree of…


Critical Path Security places 1st in fundraiser for The Children’s Haven!

The Mission of The Children's Haven is to promote the health and happiness of children impacted by abuse. They are committed to building successful children by providing programs that ensure their safety, advocate on their behalf and respond to meet their needs. At Critical Path Security, we couldn't be more proud of the opportunity to help move that mission forward! Thanks to our incredible customers, partners, and staff who raised a recording setting amount of resources for the children! We look forward to the impact we can have in 2021! -Patrick

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