11Alive News interviews Patrick Kelley, CTO/Founder, regarding Geofencing.

11Alive quotes: Cyber security expert, Patrick Kelley says the tracking technology is on most of our devices. "Google pulled all of the geo-data, basically the maps data where devices were at the time of this event, where the family was murdered," Kelley said. Kelley says sharing location information can raise privacy issues. "Google is pretty tight about giving this information over, even when there's a warrant- their legal team is notoriously rigid and fights back on user rights," Kelley said. Read more


Ryan Taylor joins Critical Path Security as Director of Partnerships & Alliances!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Ryan Taylor is joining Critical Path Security as Director of Partnerships & Alliances. Leveraging his 15 years of Managed IT leadership experience, Ryan will be accelerating diverse new product offerings that will enable our partners to deliver a much higher level of security services to their customer base. We couldn't be more excited about this opportunity to truly improve the security posture of all of our current and future partners!


Illuminate: Contextual Threat Intelligence

During these trying times, the path you are on is critical. Let's Illuminate it. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) offers the following in regards to cybersecurity, “To defend against cyber attacks, it is important for a defender to have timely access to relevant, actionable threat intelligence and the ability to act on that intelligence.” We couldn't agree more. Critical Path Security is now including Zeek-IDS formatted intelligence data from our "Illuminate" Threat Intelligence Network directly to your instance of Léargas within moments of observing new threats, along with the leading threat intelligence feeds in the world. No more waiting. No more wondering. With our unique approach of "following the sun", Critical Path Security correlates the events of threat actors on a global scale using our innovative Threat Intelligence Network. We provide contextual threat intelligence with indicators that include email addresses, file hashes, IP addresses, domain names, and…


Ransomware attack on Garmin teaches new lessons

Garmin, the GPS technology and wearable device manufacturer, has reportedly been hit by WastedLocker ransomware in a cyberattack that is demanding $10 million to release its data. WastedLocker, thought to be tied to the Russian cybercriminal group, Evil Corp, was identified by Malwarebytes in May of this year. As of now, Garmin is the only known victim, however, Evil Corp has a history of attacking financial institutions around the world. In this cyberattack, the event has affected consumers who use Garmin GPS technology, such as Maritime, wearable GPS, Garmin Connect app, and Aviation who use the database services. Also, all of Garmin's call centers are shutdown. As a result of this cyberattack, Garmin is reported to have shut down its website, its apps, some of its production lines, and databases including work from home (WFH) employees' computers connected through a VPN in an attempt to stop any further spread of…

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