Spotlight – The Children’s Haven

The question that I have been asked the most lately is, “Why?”

Why are you so enthusiastic about “The Children’s Haven”? Why would you sponsor a driver in a major NASCAR series to give the media exposure away?

The answer is simple, because we have professions, and we have passions. They aren’t always the same thing.

Cybersecurity is my profession. It’s one that has provided the ability to support my passion for advocating for those that don’t have one and a voice that isn’t heard.

I wanted to be an example of someone that was at their absolute worst moment in life, fighting suicide, PTSD, and crushing mental illness, to a life that has exceeded my wildest imagination. That life has been made possible because of the people that refused to give up on me, even when my fight had left.

Though I’ve used my voice for over 20 years advocating for critically abused children, sufferers of domestic violence, and those suffering from mental illness, my voice isn’t loud enough to reach all of the children that need their cries heard.

With Ryan Vargas and NASCAR, we were able to reach people that can help, all around the world. As I write this, we have broken all records set from the previous years. More donations, more discussion, more attention given to these children and the warriors that defend them every day.

As I’ve said for several weeks, “We aren’t done!”

The Children’s Haven – Spotlight – Patrick Kelley – YouTube

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