Keeping Your Gmail and iCloud Accounts Secure: A Guide to Spotting Suspicious Logins

One of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to compromise your information is by gaining unauthorized access to your email and cloud accounts. Both Gmail and iCloud are primary targets due to their widespread use and the plethora of information stored within them.

At Critical Path Security, we're here to ensure that your data remains uncompromised. We recommend that all our clients regularly monitor their accounts for suspicious logins and ensure that two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled. To help in this endeavor, we've simplified the process for you with a step-by-step guide for both Gmail and iCloud.

Checking Gmail for Suspicious Logins:

  1. Login to Your Account:
    • Visit Gmail and log in.
  2. Access Google Account:
    • On the top-right corner, click on your profile picture and select "Manage your Google Account."
  3. Navigate to Security:
    • From the left pane, select "Security."
  4. Review Recent Activity:
    • Under the "Your devices" section, you can see the devices your account is currently signed into. Click on "Manage devices" to see more details and remove unfamiliar ones.
  5. Set Up 2FA:
    • If not already set up, scroll to "Signing in to Google" and select "2-Step Verification." Follow the prompts to enable.

For a more detailed explanation, Google's official help document on reviewing account activity can be found here.

Checking iCloud for Suspicious Logins:

  1. Login to Your Account:
  2. Review Devices:
    • Under the "Devices" section, you'll see a list of all devices signed into your Apple ID. Review this list and click on any unfamiliar device for more details and the option to remove it.
  3. Set Up 2FA:
    • If 2FA is not already enabled, go to the "Security" section and click on "Edit." Here, you'll find the option to turn on "Two-Factor Authentication."

For further clarity, Apple's official guide on managing your Apple ID and 2FA can be found here.


Regularly monitoring your accounts for unfamiliar activity and ensuring you have 2FA enabled is crucial for maintaining your digital security. We at Critical Path Security urge our clients to make this a routine check.

If you suspect any unauthorized access or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We're here to assist and ensure that your digital life remains in safe hands.