Critical Path Security provides COVID-19 Threat Intel Feeds


Critical Path Security is a proud participant of the COVID-19 CTI League and a long-standing member of the Zeek community!  The intelligence shared within these groups has been invaluable in preventing successful attacks on organizations around the globe.

As Founder Ohad Zaidenberg told SecureWorld:

"Since the coronavirus came out, I started to notice more and more hackers use this crisis to gain profit, and it made me so mad. It made me so angry because this is a game-changer. This is not the time to attack. People can lose their life with all this activity.

So if someone is crazy enough and sick enough to use this coronavirus crisis to leverage it, to gain some profit, he needs to know that we are here to stop him. We are here to fight back. And I think that most of the people that joined our league, they have that emotion."

Aiming to contribute our expertise to the fight, Critical Path Security will be releasing continual updates to a Zeek-Ready Threat Intelligence Feed and Zeek Intel Feed Parser.

The feed will incorporate publicly shared COVID-19 CTI Intelligence, Critical Path Security Intelligence, and Georgia Tech Information Security Center's PREDICT Malware Intelligence.

Additionally, Brandon Cummings has released a Zeek Threat Intel Parser for the community to leverage in creating their own Zeek intel feeds.

For more information about Zeek and COVID-19 CTI League, click the links below.

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