Patrick Kelley interviewed by 11Alive/NBC News – Money laundering using Uber Rides.

That person uses online chat groups and other social media to reach out and recruit Uber and Lyft drivers for the scheme. Uber says that part is key, because if there are no drivers willing to participate – there is no scheme. Once on board, the drivers can say where and when they want to take a ride, allowing them to make money on everyday errands or even long distance trips they were already planning to take for personal reasons. Ensign says the ringleader overseas initiates the ride by hacking into existing Uber accounts. Uber says credit card and personal information are encrypted, so there’s no concern about identity theft, but weak and leaked passwords are allowing crooks to manipulate the service. People usually never even know their account has been hacked because their credit card information gets swapped out with a stolen card to pay for the ride. The…


Promotion! Glenn Holzmacher, Director of Platform Development

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Glenn Holzmacher to Director of Platform Development (Léargas). Glenn has been with Critical Path Security since the beginning, during which time he has held positions in Security and Threat Analysis, proving himself to be a committed company advocate. Glenn came to Critical Path Security from ConcieHRge and brought with him energy and enthusiasm that he has continued to use while leading his employees to consistently improve the development of Léargas. His background in full stack development gives him an overall understanding of how to improve customer satisfaction with ongoing and cutting edge development of Léargas, and his ability to motivate his team has led to his continued success in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Ireland. Please join us in congratulating him on his new position. Regards, Patrick Kelley CTO, Critical Path Security


Léargas – Road Apples

  “I have no illusions of the future. Or maybe it’s all an illusion. I don’t know. I’ve always been ready for it.” — Gord Downie When the Critical Path Security team set out to build Léargas, we knew it would be quite the undertaking. For some of us it was about unfinished business, for others it was an opportunity to solve interesting problems in novel ways, using a mix of open source platforms and custom development. It started as a desire to build a Next Generation Network Security Monitoring platform that performed analysis in multi-dimensional and multi-contextual methods, without the brutal licensing fees. It turned in to so much more! Today, we’re thrilled to announce a list of brand new features available for our current and future customers. North-South / East-West - Our clients can now add profile-based sensor and aggregation points anywhere they wish in their network. Léargas will…

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Critical Path Security is excited to welcome Jeff Barron to the team!

Jeff's love for technology began at age 9 with BASIC and an Apple IIc. He is a veteran full-stack software developer. With over 15 years of professional and leadership experience in Information Technology, he brings a wealth of knowledge to Critical Path Security. Jeff recently spent 6 years working as the lead developer for indie game maker Zeolite Studios Inc., where he managed the full lifecycle of video game development. We look forward to his positive impact on Critical Path Security's Managed Security Operations and the Leargas Security Platform.

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