CMMC Update – April 2020


Those that thought we would receive a reprieve due to the Coronavirus were potentially surprised by Arrington's most recent statements.

“We are continuing with rolling out the CMMC, we are not slowing down,” Arrington said at an April 1 CDM Workshop. “COVID-19 is a horrible event for the globe. But the sun will rise, and we have to continue to march forward. And gratefully and thankfully, the teams have been working virtually on this.”

“We’re doing our absolute best to stay on track because even though we are in horrible times, we have to have continuity of care and the mission is important,” she explained. If anything, Arrington added, the reliance on tech during the COVID-19 crisis has expressed to everyone “how imperative those practices are.”

Fortunately, with the release of Version 1.02 of the CMMC Model, no major changes were introduced.  You can expect useful tools, such as tabular formatting in Excel for reviewing and addressing the 17 domains.

However, those organizations that are new to CMMC and DFARS should get started immediately.

In the coming weeks, Critical Path Security will be providing an online introduction to the CMMC model.  Reach out for more information!

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