Announcing New Office/Microsoft 365 Hardening Audits at Critical Path Security


Critical Path Security is thrilled to announce the launch of our comprehensive Office/Microsoft 365 Hardening Audits. By integrating multiple advanced security frameworks and tools, we are dedicated to bolstering your organization's cloud environment against emerging threats, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall security posture.

Our Enhanced Audit Approach: Our innovative approach to security audits combines several leading technologies and methodologies to provide an in-depth examination of your Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Here’s what sets our service apart:

  1. Comprehensive Automated Security Tests: Leveraging a combination of advanced testing tools, we perform extensive automated checks across your Microsoft 365 setup. This approach allows us to identify vulnerabilities swiftly and efficiently, ensuring your setup adheres to the latest security best practices.
  2. Tailored Security Assessments: Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization, we offer customizable testing options. This flexibility allows us to tailor our audits to match your specific security policies and requirements, providing a more targeted and effective security assessment.
  3. Continuous Monitoring Solutions: Security requires vigilance. Our service includes continuous monitoring capabilities, integrating seamlessly with your existing CI/CD pipelines. This ensures that any modifications in your environment are automatically assessed, maintaining a robust defense against potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Actionable Insights and Detailed Reporting: Post-audit, we deliver detailed reports that not only highlight potential issues but also provide actionable insights for remediation. These reports are designed to guide your IT team through the process of addressing any identified security gaps effectively.
  5. Alignment with Industry Standards: Our auditing techniques are developed in alignment with recognized security standards and frameworks. This adherence to industry-best practices guarantees a thorough and authoritative audit, enhancing your compliance posture and security defenses.

Conclusion: The introduction of our Office/Microsoft 365 Hardening Audits signifies Critical Path Security's commitment to evolving security needs. Our use of a diverse array of frameworks and tools ensures that our audits are both comprehensive and customized to each client’s specific needs.

Get Started: To learn more about our new auditing services or to arrange a consultation, please contact us today. Partner with us to fortify your defenses and protect your vital digital assets.