The SMB’s Guide to Advanced Persistent Threats. Motley Fool interviews founder, Patrick Kelley


You know you should do more to prevent cyberattacks against your small business, but there’s never enough time.

However, statistics show that without proper precautions, an attack likely could put you out of business: 60% of small businesses will suffer from some type of cyberthreat, and 60% of those businesses will shut down within six months of the breach.

As the number and complexity of cyberattacks rise, all small businesses should make security measures a priority as soon as possible. - Patricia Staino


“With over a billion leaked credentials per year, humans are the point of entry,” says Kelley. “Using leaked credentials can provide access to the VPN, remote desktop services, and cloud accounts. The value is in the data, not the hardware.”

Your best defense? Explore the best endpoint security software, then use password managers and two-factor authentication. - Patrick Kelley


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