Ryan Vargas Claims First Euro Series Podium


Ryan Vargas Claims First Euro Series Podium, Leads 3F Racing and Critical Path Security Racing to Top Team Honors

After a 5-year wait, the Euro series finally returned to racing on an oval. The anticipation leading up to this weekend's races was unlike anything seen before in NASCAR on this side of the Atlantic. Many wondered if the event would meet the high expectations, and those concerns were quickly dispelled by a thrilling NASCAR 2 race on Saturday, delivering an unforgettable experience for the fans.

All eyes were on Ryan Vargas, the firm favorite to win his debut in the NASCAR 2 series. As the most experienced driver on the oval, Vargas lived up to his reputation and secured a hard-fought 3rd place finish, earning his first podium in Euro NASCAR. The American driver had to work hard to maintain his spot, with rookie Victor Newmann closely trailing him throughout the race. Newmann, despite being a newcomer, showcased impressive skills on the oval, making Vargas's achievement even more commendable. Although frustrated by not catching second-placed Claudio Cappelli, Vargas was satisfied with his podium finish.

In addition to Ryan Vargas's individual success, 3F Racing and Critical Path Security Racing were recognized as the top team of the weekend, highlighting the exceptional performance and teamwork displayed throughout the event. Martin Doubek's dominant race further secured the team’s standing, leading from start to finish and cementing his position in the championship. Post-race, the Czech driver expressed his joy in Victory Lane, even swearing on live air in his excitement. The Hendriks team, however, had mixed feelings, as Gil Linster had to retire early due to mechanical issues.

Fans wondered if Sunday's pro race could surpass the excitement of Saturday's event, and it did not disappoint. Vittorio Ghirelli, the dominant and current championship leader, started from pole but was quickly overtaken by Liam Hezemans. The Dutchman maintained his lead throughout the race, skillfully navigating heavy traffic and holding off challenges even during a late restart. The real action unfolded further back, with intense battles for top-10 finishes. Thomas Toffel's spin in the final stages caused the only caution of the weekend, leading to an overtime finish. Mario Ercoli secured second place, and Paul Jouffreau controversially passed Ryan Vargas to take third.

The drama extended beyond the race, with a visibly angry Ryan Vargas confronting Paul Jouffreau post-race. Vargas expressed his frustration to the Euro NASCAR media team, accusing Jouffreau of driving through him without giving a fair chance for respectful racing. The American highlighted the contrast in racing etiquette, praising Claudio Cappelli for clean competition. As of now, there has been no response from Jouffreau, and any on-track retaliation will have to wait until the next race on August 31st.

Critical Path Security is proud to support Ryan Vargas and celebrates his first Euro Series podium finish. The outstanding performance by Ryan and the entire 3F Racing and Critical Path Security Racing team as the top team of the weekend is a testament to their hard work and dedication. We look forward to more exciting performances and podium finishes from Ryan and the team in the future.

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