Patrick Kelley interviewed by 11Alive/NBC regarding NameDrop


Last evening, Patrick Kelley was interviewed by 11Alive/NBC News on the topic of Apple's new feature "NameDrop".

Watch the interview here.

Here are the short notes:

Functionality: NameDrop, introduced with iOS 17, allows iPhone users to share contact details by holding their iPhones close to each other. An animation appears, followed by the option to share or receive contact information​​.

Safety and Privacy Concerns: Viral Facebook posts have inaccurately claimed NameDrop poses a safety threat, especially to children. However, these concerns are largely unfounded. The feature includes several safeguards: it requires explicit confirmation to share or receive contact details, and the iPhone must be unlocked using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode​​.

Disabling the Feature: Users who wish to disable NameDrop can do so through the Settings app. The process involves navigating to General > AirDrop and toggling off the “Bringing Devices Together” feature. However, disabling this also impacts the ability to share content like photos and videos by tapping iPhones together​​.

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