Patrick Kelley speaks at Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives!

Patrick Kelley recently spoke at the annual three-day conference held for the directors, trustees and managers of the Alabama's rural electric cooperatives. The varied program covered areas of interest to cooperatives. The was topic was "CyberZoology: Protecting Your Co-Op and EMC From New Breeds Of Attacks" and covered the need for greater resiliency and contingency planning for EMCs in the wake of the increasing ransomware attacks.  

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Critical Path Security welcomes Jonathan Paolozzi!

We're thrilled to announce that Jonathan Paolozzi has joined Critical Path Security! Today, he is embracing an opportunity to break into the Information Security field where he will be a part of something greatly fulfilling. Protecting your business. Welcome, Jonathan!

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Patrick Kelley speaking at “Leading Entrepreneurs of the World”!

This past year, we have all run into far too many work from home challenges. Hear from Critical Path Security Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Kelley, CISSP, ITIL, CEH Kelley present around, "Remote Work and Cybersecurity Challenges" at this year's LEW Conference! This is a session you will not want to miss! Register below:


Colonial Pipeline – What You Should Know

Unfortunately, the Colonial Pipeline attack is part of a growing escalation of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure around the world. An escalation that has grown out of control which criminal organizations creating affiliate networks, such as the group that conducted the attack on the pipeline. These types of attacks have been going on for quite some time, but most never hit the headlines due to the impact on national security. This is a significant escalation both in target and response, as Colonial opted to shut the pipeline down until they feel they have a good handle on the situation. It's a little-known fact that the equipment in most of this particular industry is made to live for 30 or more years. Additionally, they weren't built with defenses for hostile environments, like the attacks we are seeing from the Internet. Furthermore, updates are nearly impossible for computational reasons and approval required…