The Evolution of Information Security

The adoption of cloud-based services has caused a rapid disruption that is changing the face of Information Technology. This leap forward comes with countless benefits but there is also a great cause for concern. The change is happening at a rate that isn’t properly allowing Information Security groups to properly gauge the security ramifications.

When I first entered this industry more than 20 years ago, networks were far easier to secure; they were largely flat with only a handful of entry points with all data and assets living in one or two physical environments with their own dedicated controls. Networks were very linear and far easier to scope and manage than the networks we support today.

Today, cloud connected services from tech giants like Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft offer low barriers to market entry, flexible costs, variable capacity, greater uptime, improved mobility and collaboration on robust network fabric. With so many benefits it’s easy to understand why there has been such a major push into the IaaS and SaaS space.