Critical Path Security Provides Threat Intelligence Feeds to Fight Threats Against COVID 19 Vaccine Supply Chains


As an active and devoted contributor to the CTI League, the first Global Volunteer Emergency Response Community, Critical Path Security is providing its Threat Intelligence feeds to help combat the growing incidents of cybercriminal activity targeting the COVID 19 vaccine initiatives.

Critical Path Security aligns its efforts with the CTI League in providing key security feeds, free of charge, to the medical services and emergency life saver organizations who are on the front lines combatting the pandemic.

One of the CTI League Founders, Nate Warfield sent an email of appreciation to Critical Path Security’s Founder, Patrick Kelley for the work toward the cause.

“I’m Nate Warfield, one of the four founders of CTI League and I’m confirming that Patrick Kelley of Critical Path Security is an active member of CTI League. He & other colleagues from Critical Path donate their time, expertise and experience to the group, pro-bono, to defend healthcare organizations from those who would do them harm. Their contributions are greatly appreciated both by CTI League and, I’m sure, the healthcare groups we provide intel to.”

In addition, a recent article was released by The Hill, informing us of government officials and healthcare groups fear over hostile states and cybercriminals targeting the supply chain for COVID 19 vaccines. The CTI League is highlighted in the article regarding the noticeable uptick in cyberattacks aimed at medical institutions and the positive news surrounding vaccine developments.

As Critical Path Security can confirm, COVID 19 has created a hotbed of ransomware attacks, especially on the Hospitals and Medical Facilities across the country. Their platform, Léargas and its Threat Intelligence Network, pulls these feeds and informs of IOCs or Indicators of Compromise. These IOCs are then distributed to organizations like CTI League and are uploaded to GitHub at no charge.

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