Critical Path Security provides COVID-19 Threat Intel Feeds

Critical Path Security is a proud participant of the COVID-19 CTI League and a long-standing member of the Zeek community!  The intelligence shared within these groups has been invaluable in preventing successful attacks on organizations around the globe. As Founder Ohad Zaidenberg told SecureWorld: "Since the coronavirus came out, I started to notice more and more hackers use this crisis to gain profit, and it made me so mad. It made me so angry because this is a game-changer. This is not the time to attack. People can lose their life with all this activity. So if someone is crazy enough and sick enough to use this coronavirus crisis to leverage it, to gain some profit, he needs to know that we are here to stop him. We are here to fight back. And I think that most of the people that joined our league, they have that emotion." Aiming…

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How to be secure when working remotely!

Many working parents are facing a new world now, telecommuting, as well as juggling becoming home school teachers. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have the option to continue to work from home, you now have doubled your workload. Your employer should have taken precautions to secure your work equipment, such as utilizing a VPN to access the servers at the office. There are things that you should do yourself to assure the security of your equipment in your new work environment and aide in the security of your company. We would like to share a few of the most common things you can do at home to aide your employer with keeping the company’s sensitive information and that of your customers secure. Download our Guide for Secure Teleworking! Working_Remote_Handout

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Léargas has always been about providing “Insight”. Now, it fights for the world!

Léargas has always been about providing “Insight”. Now, it fights for the world! Global events such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) make all of us targets for cybercriminals. It could be in the form of phishing emails or new targeted scams, these tactics are meant to take advantage of individuals who are understandably concerned about their health and safety of their family during this challenging time. Additionally, it targets companies that have effectively turned their infrastructure “inside-out” to provide all of the necessary services and data for their now remote-workers to perform at their best. That means weakened firewall rules, mission-critical servers connected to the Internet, and no multi-factor authentication. This pandemic is challenging for all of us. We all need to adapt to this new reality and look out for one another any way we can. Our mission with Léargas has always been to protect people against threats at the…

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CMMC Update – April 2020

Those that thought we would receive a reprieve due to the Coronavirus were potentially surprised by Arrington's most recent statements. “We are continuing with rolling out the CMMC, we are not slowing down,” Arrington said at an April 1 CDM Workshop. “COVID-19 is a horrible event for the globe. But the sun will rise, and we have to continue to march forward. And gratefully and thankfully, the teams have been working virtually on this.” “We’re doing our absolute best to stay on track because even though we are in horrible times, we have to have continuity of care and the mission is important,” she explained. If anything, Arrington added, the reliance on tech during the COVID-19 crisis has expressed to everyone “how imperative those practices are.” Fortunately, with the release of Version 1.02 of the CMMC Model, no major changes were introduced.  You can expect useful tools, such as tabular…

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