CalCPA Entertainment Conference 2018: Practical Tips to Protect Your Business

CalCPA Entertainment Conference 2018 was an amazing event, full of helpful advice regarding Alternative Investments (Cryptocurrency) and protecting from “Acts of God”. Finally, our favorite topic came up… Cybersecurity. As many great points were brought up during our panel, we thought we’d generate a quick list of tips offered to attendees. Tip #1 - You are a target of Cyber Criminals. Don't ever say "It won't happen to me". If your data is important to you, that’s all that matters. Criminals aren’t looking for a market to sell your data in. They’ll just sell access back to you through ransomware. Tip #2 - Keep software up to date Installing software updates for your operating system and programs is critical. Always install the latest security updates for your devices. Most recent operating systems and mobile devices offer free updates. If you aren’t covered by formal internal support, reach out. Tip #3…


Georgia’s SB 315 threatens to disrupt and criminalize security research

Over the years, members of Critical Path Security have engaged wholeheartedly in the practice of responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities. This was highlighted in findings related to Apple, Cisco, and Websense in which our researchers provided vendors with ample time and path of communication to validate findings, develop remediation plans, prior to notifying the public of the flaws. However, despite the objections of the cybersecurity community, the Georgia legislature has passed a bill that would open independent researchers, such as Critical Path Security staff who identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, to prosecution and up to a year in jail. Patrick Kelley, CTO of Critical Path Security, shared the following. “Over the last two decades, I’ve found numerous vulnerabilities in various platforms, many of them used by government agencies and healthcare. In the beginning, when my initial finding of WiredRed was released, I found it necessary to release the finding under a…

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