Identity Protections After Private Information Enters the Public Domain

We live in the age of large-scale data breaches. Equifax, Target, Home Depot, LinkedIn - take your pick. Users have become jaded to such phenomena since they seemingly occur on a daily basis. This fact only exacerbates the problem even further. We are all guilty of hearing about a breach and simply looking the other way in the hope that our data wasn’t affected. After all, who am I that a criminal on the other side of the world would want MY personal information? Well, you may not see yourself as being important, but that doesn’t mean that your data is equally unimportant. Identity theft is a festering wound that we would rather ignore than acknowledge and treat. If we have learned anything from the 24 hour news cycle it should be that we can no longer simply rely on companies to protect our personal information. Due to this fact, it…

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